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Vita Keyhole 4' x 4' Composting Garden Bed

Vita Keyhole 4' x 4' Composting Garden Bed

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  • Plants Not Included
  • Compost Household Waste and Grow Fresh, Organic Vegetables in the Same Garden
  • Food Grade BPA and Phthalate Free Vinyl to Grow Food Safely and with Confidence
  • 48" W X 48" D X 22" H
  • Maintenance Free: Easy to Maintain and Clean

Compost and Garden All in One.

Inspired by the African keyhole gardening technique, the Classic 4'x4' Keyhole Composting Garden lets you compost household waste and grow vegetables in the same garden.

Simple and Sustainable.

Do Less. Grow More.

Adaptive and Intuitive.

Cook Up Your Own Soil.

You don't have to fill the entire 4'x4' Keyhole composting garden with topsoil. You can create your own organic soil by using compostable yard waste and cardboard (including the box the garden comes in!). Simply alternate between layers of brown and green materials, making sure to water generously in between each layer. Top with 6-8 inches of topsoil to finish it off. Over time the collection of materials will break down to create the black gold of gardening - composted soil.

Inspired to Give Back.

Vita designers stumbled upon the Keyhole garden concept while researching organic gardening methods. This inspired them to create their own series of garden beds using this African gardening technique. This idea was gifted to them by the African people and so they felt compelled to give back.

Thrive is a charity determined to end malnutrition in our lifetime. They empower communities with the training and simple tools needed to sustainably grow an abundance of healthy, organic, disease-fighting foods for life. Vita partners with Thrive by financially supporting programs in Africa and around the world.

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