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Verizon Hum Vehicle Tracking and Diagnostic System

Verizon Hum Vehicle Tracking and Diagnostic System

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What does that dashboard light mean? Can I get a tow truck out here? Dude, where’s my car? With Hum, you can get answers before you have questions. It’s the technology that connects you to your car so that you can stay in tune with your car’s health, get access to easy roadside help and so much more. Because you have places to be. And getting there is everything.
  • No contract! First month of service included with purchase and then $10/month.
  • Get 24/7 roadskide assistance at the push of a button.
  • Decode and diagnose most engine issues right from your phone.
  • Drive knowing that Hum can automatically send help to your car's location if it detects an emergency.
  • Get access to a certified Mechanics Hotline for expert, unbiased advice.
  • Handing over your keys? Use the Hum App to set alerts that can help you stay in the know when someone else is driving your vehicle

Vehicle Diagnostics

Check engine light on? Check Hum first. With easy-to-understand alerts for car issues, you can get answers before you have questions — helping you save money and avoid serious breakdowns.


Pinpoint Roadside Assistance

Don’t let car trouble keep you from going places. Get 24/7 roadside help to your location at the push of a button for dead batteries, lockouts, towing and much more.

Mechanics Hotline

Get answers for your car questions. Call certified mechanics for personalized, unbiased advice on vehicle issues, repair prices, and much more.

Emergency Assistance

Know you have help on the road with 24/7 Emergency Assistance. Hum automatically sends help your way if it detects a crash and if you have an emergency on the road, you can connect to help at the push of a button.

Vehicle Location

See where your car is parked or view its last location. You can also set Parking Reminders.

Driving History
Track your car’s activity the same way you track your steps. Get detailed trip and vehicle stats by individual trip or by day, week, month or year. You’ll see data on your average miles traveled, idle time, average miles per gallon, speed and more.

Speed Alerts

Drive a little smarter on the road and set a maximum speed for your car. Get an alert via text or email when that speed is exceeded.             

Boundary Alerts
Set boundaries and get notified when your car enters or exits those areas. You determine the boundary area and times that the alerts are active.

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