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Member's Mark Kids' Explorer Sofa, Assorted Colors - Sidewalk

Member's Mark Kids' Explorer Sofa, Assorted Colors - Sidewalk

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Soft, colorful and oh-so fun, the Member's Mark™ Kids' Explorer Sofa is a unique and versatile seating set that lets your kids' imaginations soar. The foldable kids couch can be arranged into a variety of playful shapes. The sofa is durable yet soft and cozy. It's available in a range of colors. Plus, it features washable covers with zippers for easy cleaning.

What's included?

Member's Mark Kids' Explorer Sofa includes four comfy foam-filled pieces—a base layer, two triangle wedges and a comfort layer. Whether they want to be actively engaged or just relax, kids can create their own unique play space. Build a pirate ship, read a favorite book or create a secret clubhouse just for friends. The triangle wedges can be used as a base for wherever their adventures may take them or as backrests for that much-needed downtime. The convenient stash pocket can hold a book or tablet. Great for bedroom sleepovers or tucked into a playroom, the Member's Mark Kids' Explorer Sofa will keep them endlessly entertained.

How long does it take to fully expand?

When first unboxing your kids' couch, let the cushions expand for up to 48 hours. Kids can start using the couch as soon as the cushions look comfy. It may take up to 1 to 2 weeks for the play sofa to fully expand, but we recommend using it before then. Movement helps get the foam back into shape and smoothen out wrinkles in the fabric.

What are the dimensions of the sofa?

The assembled dimensions of this sofa are 66" x 22" x 33".

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