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Member’s Mark Pro Series 4-Burner Gas Grill with Thermostatic Control

Member’s Mark Pro Series 4-Burner Gas Grill with Thermostatic Control

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Member’s Mark™ Pro Series 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Patented Thermostatic Control will elevate your grilling experience, with its versatility and cooking control, unmatched by any grill in its class. The Patented Thermostatic Control System allows users to switch between traditional grilling with variable temperatures in BBQ Mode or Switch to precise preset temperatures ranging from 225˚F to 450˚F, much like an oven. The Thermostatic control technology will precisely maintain set temperatures, constantly monitoring and adjusting as needed, to ensure that every recipe has temperature accuracy.

Every detail of the Member's Mark Pro Series 4 Burner Gas Grill was thoughtfully designed and engineered with materials specifically selected for their durability and performance, with a sleek smoke black aesthetic and black nickel accents. The firebox was designed to deliver the ultimate in heat retention and durability with double-walled exterior end caps for added insultation and a Die-Cast Aluminum Firebox for durability, premium corrosion resistance, and heat retention for all weather grilling.  

Each detail of the cook system has been fine-tuned to ensure superior and consistent cooking performance with 500 sq. inch of heavy-duty porcelain cast iron cooking grates, powerful 304 stainless steel burners, heavy-gauge porcelain-coated heat tents and the Channel ignition system that is weatherproof and offers the most reliable start in the industry. Member's Mark Pro Series 4-Burner Gas Grill offers the ultimate outdoor grilling experience.

Does this grill include a Grill Cover?

Yes, an all-weather cover is included.

What are the Dimensions of the Primary Cooking Surface?

The primary cooking surface is: 26.75" x 18.68" (67.95cm x 47.45cm).

Do I have to use the Thermostatic Control System with Temperatures 225F to 450F?

No. Users can seamlessly transition from traditional Variable BBQ temperatures to precise precise preset temperature settings, ranging from 225F to 450F by simply turning the Thermostatic Control Dial From BBQ mode, to one of the preset temperatures.

How do you clean this BBQ?

Cleaning and regular maintenance are essential to proper performance and safety. Always brush your grates to remove build-up and do a burn off after every cook. Regularly remove and scrape heat tents, the lower grease tray and remove any grease build up from your grease cup. If you are experiencing flare up fires or frequent grease fires, its time to remove parts and give your casting a good cleaning.

Can I bake or roast something in my Pro Series BBQ?

Yes. The Thermostatic Control allows the user to SET a temperature and the system will constantly measure temperatures and make adjustments, like an oven, to ensure that the set temperature is reached and maintained throughout the cooking cycle.

Does the ignition system require a battery?

Yes. The Channel Ignition System requires one AA battery. Unscrew the battery cap on the Electronic Ignition box located inside of the BBQ cart, to expose the battery position.

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