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Kohler Prosecco Multifunction Handheld Shower Head

Kohler Prosecco Multifunction Handheld Shower Head

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Everyone loves variety, and the Prosecco multifunction 1.75 gpm handshower will deliver exactly that. With three sprays to choose from, your shower will be anything but average. The handshower features the DockNetik® magnetic docking system to securely lock it into place. Prosecco is great for kids, the elderly, and for washing pets, too.

DockNetik® magnetic docking system securely locks sprayhead into place when not in use


Advanced spray engine provides three alternate experiences: full coverage, powerful massage and intense rinse

Full coverage produces an encompassing spray ideal for everyday use

Powerful massage spray is a focused stream that targets sore muscles, or use as a utility spray to rinse kids, pets, and your shower

Intense rinse delivers a forceful spray ideal for thoroughly rinsing soap from hair

Three buttons located on the handshower face allow for easy transition between sprays

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