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Kohler Karing 2.0 One-piece Elongated Smart Toilet

Kohler Karing 2.0 One-piece Elongated Smart Toilet

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Karing® One-piece Elongated Smart Toilet

Minimalist style meets maximum hygiene. The next-generation Karing® smart toilet features an ergonomic seat design for a streamlined look with the comfort of integrated personal cleansing. Use the advanced touchscreen remote to create your preferred settings for warmth, cleansing, and drying. Bowl is automatically misted prior to use for more effective rinsing while flushing. The powerful 1.08-gallon flush provides significant water savings compared to a 1.28- or 1.6-gallon toilet.

Product Features

Bidet Seat

Advanced bidet functionality with self-cleaning wand and precision air dryer includes adjustable settings for heated seat, dryer and water temperature

Motion-activated Lid

Motion-activated, hands-free opening and closing of cover for a minimal touch experience


LED lighting illuminates the bowl to serve as a nightlight

Stainless Steel Wand

Stainless steel wand offers adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature, pulsate, and oscillate functions; self-cleaning function uses UV light and electrolyzed water systems to automatically clean the wand surfaces

Remote Control

Advanced touchscreen remote control allows users to create preferred settings for warmth, cleansing and drying

Automatic Features

Automatic flushing after every use, automatic bowl mist prior to use for more effective rinsing and an automatic deodorizer fan reduces odors

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