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iDESIGN Kitchen and Pantry Storage Bins, 18-piece Set

iDESIGN Kitchen and Pantry Storage Bins, 18-piece Set

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Upgrade your kitchen organization and storage with the iDESIGN™ Kitchen and Pantry Storage Bins 18-piece Set. This set includes bins for fridge, freezer, and pantry organization. It's a quick and easy addition to your pantry, cabinet, fridge, and/or freezer that will bring functional beauty and organized style. These storage containers have a modular design that allows you to move them around to fit your space.

With a variety of sizes, the smaller bins make great snack organizers, while the larger bins are great for bottles and other pantry staples. The versatile fridge and freezer bins are ideal to store produce, meat, and cheese. The 10” length bins are great for shorter shelves and inside the refrigerator or freezer, while the longer 16” bins are ideal for under-the-cabinet and deep drawer or shelf storage.

Easily access your items or reorganize them with the integrated handles. The transparent design of the clear plastic organizer bin ensures items are always visible and accessible. Use several as stackable storage bins to store kitchen utensils and tools, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and crafts, or for extra organization in your closet or laundry room. Made with durable BPA-free clear plastic, this kitchen storage container stands up to everyday use. With iDESIGN™ by InterDesign, you can #LiveSimply every day.


  • (4) 10” L x 4” W x 5” H Bin
  • (2) 10” L x 6” W x 5” H Bin
  • (4) 10” L x 8” W x 5” H Bin
  • (3) 16” L x 4” W x 5” H Bin
  • (5) 16” L x 6” W x 5” H Bin


  • Set of 18 kitchen and pantry storage bins in 5 different sizes
  • Ideal for storing produce, boxes, cans, bulk items, and more   
  • Open top and transparent sides keep items visible and accessible
  • Built-in handles provide portability and quick reorganization
  • Stackable and modular to maximize storage space
  • Versatile design can be used in any room around the home
  • Made with food-safe, BPA-free clear plastic
  • Durable, high quality construction stands up to every day use
  • Hand wash only with mild soap and water - not dishwasher safe
  • Refrigerator and freezer safe

Made in: USA

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