Disney Ultimate Asha Doll & Dress-Up Set

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Recreate favorite special moments from Disney’s new animated film 'Wish' with the Ultimate Asha Doll & Dress-Up Set. Dress just like Asha and create exciting adventures as you release your wishes into the universe. At 14" tall, the Asha doll is the perfect size to take along wherever you go. This set comes complete with a motion-activated light-up Star, includes a satchel, and Asha’s signature earrings, necklace and anklet.

Just like the outfit that Asha wears in the movie, this beautiful long-sleeve purple dress features a split neckline and printed underlayer and has an attached rope belt and a rose skirt pin. Each of Asha’s long doll braids is styled by hand for an authentic look. Take your Asha doll friend and her magical bundle of energy companion Star along with you wherever you go to release your deepest wishes into the universe.


  • Long-sleeve, purple dress with attached belt just like Asha wears
  • 14" tall Asha doll
  • Traditional braided hairstyle
  • Motion-activated light-up Star, satchel
  • Asha’s signature earrings, necklace and anklet

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