Capt'n Cook OvenPlus Multifunctional Grill

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About Ovenplus

"We all love pizzas!" OvenPlus is capable of making all styles of pizza with ease. With patented Double Deck Cooking Area, Butterfly Burner, and Convection Design, you won’t need to spin the pizza to have every angle properly cooked.

Unlike traditional pizza ovens, OvenPlus offers way more cooking flexibilities by dual cooking area. With an easy-to-carry design lid handle, OvenPlus is more than a pizza oven and is your best choice for the everyday grill, camping, and any cookouts!

  • OVENPLUS PIZZA GRILL is the world's 1st double-deck outdoor pizza oven, capable of making all styles of pizza to the best, including Neapolitan, Sicilian, New York, and California. Along with free pizza peel and cutter
  • DIVERSITY: Our double cooking area can support all your culinary imagination. You can grill, bake, stew, and fry with Ovenplus.
  • CONVENIENCE: Powered by propane gas with built-in gas ignition, Ovenplus is your best partner for outdoor activities. The drawer grill allows you to flip the food without getting scalded. A sturdy handle gives Ovenplus portability and allows you to open the lid to check your pizza easily.
  • STABILITY: Ovenplus can heat up to 500F within 15 mins and maintain even heating in the machine. You won’t need to spin the pizza while it is cooked due to our thermal convection design. Our fire is installed in the middle of the machine, which dramatically reduces the chance of burnt-out and flare-ups.
  • HIGH HEATS: Double cooking areas do not lead to lower power in each layer. The upper pizza stone can reach 900F while the bottom grill fires up to 700F.

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