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Hartland Liquidation

5" x 30' - Clip N Guard Gutter System

5" x 30' - Clip N Guard Gutter System

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With 312 perforations every 12 inches, the Clip N GuardTM can drain 29.7 inches of water per hour per linear foot - 3 times the highest rainfall ever recorded during a storm. Even when most of perforations are blocked, the Clip N GuardTM still efficiently drains without overflowing. When debris sits on top of the Clip N GuardTM, it can be easily dispersed by a light wind. Wet leaves will dry up quickly and disperse without intervention.

  • Each segment 0.91 m (3 ft.) long 
  • Made of aluminum
  • Does not require screws
  • Fits 99% gutters. Fits on 10.2 cm to 13 cm (4-in. to 5-in.) gutters
  • Can be installed on all types of fixations: spikes, spaced hangers and screw-on hangers.
  • Protects against leaves and debris
  • Protects against snow and ice
  • No overflow
  • Sturdy aluminum construction for a better hold
  • Easy one-step installation
  • Made in Canada with US aluminum
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