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Hartland Liquidation

27" Dia x 19.8" H - Solo Stove Yukon 1.0 Stainless Steel Fire Pit with Stand

27" Dia x 19.8" H - Solo Stove Yukon 1.0 Stainless Steel Fire Pit with Stand

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  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Low Smoke Levels
  • 27" Dia x 19.8" H, 38 lb
  • Includes Stand

Your Backyard Centerpiece: With a hefty 27 in. diameter the Yukon + Stand 1.0 becomes the perfect area to sit down, watch the flames, and take in the moment.


Relish in fireside experiences without the inconvenience of a smoky flame. Our Signature 360° Airflow super-heats air to burn off smoke before it can get to your clothes and hair. And without that pesky “post-fire” smell, teary eyes, or a game of musical chairs to dodge smoke, you can enjoy ultimate warmth without sacrificing comfort.

Easy to Use

Ditch the hassle of complicated assembly. Making good moments should always be easy, and our fire pits are designed to deliver. Thanks to 360° Signature Airflow, anyone can easily spark up bright flames whether you’re a first-timer or a pro. And just like the start-up, clean-up can be done in a snap.

Long Lasting

304 stainless steel is highly durable, surprisingly lightweight, and won’t cave under the pressure of an ultra-hot flame. Count on your fire pit to hold up to all of your experiences– whether in the backyard, at your team’s tailgate, or in the backcountry. It’ll last a lifetime, and we’ve got the warranty to prove it.

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