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Vaughan 5-piece Extension Pole with Attachments - 39 in. (12 ft. Max Extension)

Vaughan 5-piece Extension Pole with Attachments - 39 in. (12 ft. Max Extension)

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The Vaughan® 5-piece Extension Pole and cleaning set features a variety of useful accessories to keep your house dust, dirt, and filth free. With 3 different size options the multi-purpose extension pole has an aluminum shaft, an EVA grip, and an easy-flip tab locking mechanism. It also offers four stages of telescoping to help you reach confined spaces. Accessories can be conveniently fastened onto the extension pole or utilized independently. The 10-inch double-headed cleaning tool has a microfiber side that may be used as a soft scrubber or, when turned over, as a squeegee for cleaning windows or glass. The 18-inch dual-sided bendable duster has a chenille surface for removing dust and a dual-sided microfiber surface for removing grime from smooth surfaces. An all-inclusive cleaning kit to keep your house looking nice inside out.
  • TELESCOPIC POLE:  Adjust the length and extend for all your household tasks
  • MULTI-PURPOSE:  Extension Pole with 3-4 stages of aluminum telescopic handle with easy screw on to all accessories, such as paint roller, squeegee, cobweb duster, light bulb changer and more
  • DOUBLE-HEAD Microfiber Squeegee: 10 Inch dual sided cleaning head with one side microfiber for soft cleans and other head rubber squeegee perfect for cleaning windows or glass.
  • Soft Bristles Cobweb brush: it is easy to get rid of outdoor spider webs, perfect for tackling dirt in tricky areas and corners for indoor/outdoor.
  • DUAL-SIDED Duster and a Bonus replacement: 18-inch Bendable and Washable duster with one side chenille for wiping dust on objects and other side microfiber for wiping dirt off smooth surfaces

  • 1 piece extension pole
  • 1 piece 10-inch double-head cleaning head
  • 1 piece 18-inch dual sided bendable duster
  • 1 18-inch dual sided wiper replacement
  • 1 cobweb duster
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